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Varekode: 374807

Hanki Pool lokk

3 099,-


Hanki bassengdeksel / lokk anbefales sammen med Hanki pool. Den er isolert, og mens den brukes, forbedrer den energieffektiviteten til systemet. Dekselet/lokket holder også skitt ute av bassenget mens det ikke er i bruk.

Ta kontakt med vår Pro avdeling om du ønsker et godt tilbud på utstyr til ditt treningssenter eller bedrift. Vi prosjekterer, tegner, installerer og gir deg topp service på utstyr som er levert fra oss. Kontakt oss på pro@treningspartner.no. 


Avantopool’s roots go back to a swimming pool shop in Espoo in 2014, when some ice swimming enthusiasts asked for a cold pool that could be used at home. We didn’t have one, so we started a frantic search. We found a few pools around the world, but they were massive and, in addition, complicated to install and maintain. And VERY expensive.

There simply wasn’t a cold pool on the market that was suitable for home use for ice swimmers, fitness enthusiasts and others interested in wellbeing. So we – three engineering entrepreneurs who had been doing sports our whole lives – set out to right this wrong in the world.

We knew that the use of cold water to recover from performance was already a no-brainer in the world’s leading professional sports leagues, like the English Premier League, the NBA and the NHL. Why, then, shouldn’t people who play sports for fun and just want to boost their own wellbeing be able to take advantage of the cold as well? Together we decided to solve this problem. We started developing a cold pool suitable for both top athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and really everyone.

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